It’s Friday and I’m Ready…

to swing, pick up my girls and hit the party scene. Tonight, ooohhhhh it’s all right.  RIP Aaliyah, oh how we miss you.  I’m not afraid to say it, I love me some Aaliyah, both musically and I just flat-out loved that woman, thought she was one of the most beautiful women on the planet.  She was a triple threat, she could sing, she could dance and she could actually act.  Romeo Must Die Anyone? (sidebar: great, great great, great movie.  Jet Li during his peak when every fight scene was absolutely perfectly choreographed and they were utilizing the hidden wires to film some great stunts! You also had Delroy Lindo a cameo from DMX and Anthony Anderson providing the comic relief.  I watched it on Netflix the other day and still love it, it was a favorite among the crew growing up, again I think mostly because Aaliyah was in it).  The world was robbed of actual talent when she left….always copied never duplicated!!
It’s the weekend which means it’s yet another two days to battle the temptation.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) no big plans this weekend, which should save me a few good points.  Of course if the lads continue the trend tomorrow of losing, I’ll be forced to eat my sadness.  So cheer loudly for the boys in red (the right color red though, not the Arsenal red) if you want this streak to continue.  My little sister sent me something today so I thought I’d pass this along, because I found it funny.  Suffice it to say I’m not the only person running the marathon and documenting it, I’m sure there are a lot of others out there doing it, but I can guarantee, there is no one doing it quite like this guy.  Hey, wait a minute if eating McDonald’s for 30 straight days was a marathon training strategy, I clearly picked the wrong way to go, I wouldn’t have to have made any changes. In all seriousness though I kind of like the cut of this guy’s jib (Nautical terminology is cool, yaaarrrrrrr avast ye landlubbers, although that’s more Pirate terminology than Nautical terminology) because this documentary always bugged the crap out of me.  Number one, the methodology behind the experiment is god-awful and number two, the main theme/thesis seemed to be that eating McDonald’s every day is bad for you….really we needed a documentary to tell us that.  Do any of us that eat McDonald’s think it’s good for us…..doubt it.
And now for something completely different…
“A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore”–Yogi Berra

About Matt G.
I'm finally doing this. I'm running the 2011 Chicago Marathon. It's the only way I'll ever get in shape. Follow this page for updates on my progress, and I do mean updates.

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